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Three Conditions to Promote the Development of Digital Printing

Three Conditions to Promote the Development of Digital Printing
Issue Time:2018-07-01
  The current printing market is in great demand, and in the industries of clothing, towels and home textiles, it is necessary to support the printing. To make a finished product, the printing process is essential. Compared with traditional printing, digital printing has obvious advantages in all aspects. Although the market share of digital printing is constantly increasing, there is still a certain gap compared with traditional printing. Therefore, the core technology of digital printing such a printing industry must be launched and must be developed.
  The choice of equipment
  The selection criteria of equipment mainly depends on the level of configuration, size, and speed. Regardless of whether your plant is mass-produced or small-volume, the cost for digital printers is basically the same. The faster the printing speed, the lower the cost. Therefore, if you want to promote the development of digital printing processing technology, you must first make improvements on the equipment. With the size of the equipment and the printing effect unchanged, increase the production speed so as to achieve the purpose of increasing the production scale.
  Three Conditions to Promote the Development of Digital Printing
  Product structure
  Traditional printing machines need to make screen printing before printing, so traditional printing is not suitable for small batch production. Nowadays, digital printing technology only needs to carry out ps drawing, which greatly reduces the cost of printing, and also adapts to small batch production. Therefore, the second push for the development of digital printing processing technology is to rectify the structure of the product, reduce the cost required for traditional printing preparation screens, and reduce the equipment price of digital printing machines.
  The cost of accessories
  A good printing product is good printing equipment and accessories. As one of the most expensive accessories, the nozzle has always been the most expensive accessory in digital printing and the most sophisticated accessory. A good printing device is mainly embodied in the nozzle, so the nozzle and ink are two points that directly promote the competition in the printing processing market. Nowadays, with the increasing number of companies producing digital printing accessories, the price of the nozzles and inks is constantly decreasing. This will also meet the requirements for promoting the development of printing processing technology.
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