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Square scarf came

Square scarf came

Issue Time:2018/06/30

In the summer, the number of times of using towels has become more and more. As a moderately sized, extremely wide range of square towels, it has always been a favorite type of towel for women and children.

Square scarf came

We Busyman textiles are easy to use for small children and less energetic women. The most living kerchiefs are only 34cm*34cm in size, while maintaining a consistent infant-level testing standard, which is more suitable for women and children in terms of size and quality. It is not only convenient for daily use, but also for the use of the face, and it is more convenient to wring out after wet washing.

Many people will also carry a few square towels for normal use, so the area they occupy is also a big part. And the size of our small square folded is only a little larger than cigarette packs, and there is absolutely no room for worry.

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