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Summer essential - cold feeling towel

Summer essential - cold feeling towel

Issue Time:2018/06/26

The biggest feature of this towel is its rapid cooling rate. It takes only three steps to give you a cool experience.

Soaking - Light Tight - Swing

Summer essential - cold feeling towel

Today, with a temperature of 37 degrees, Xiao Bian specifically gave everyone a test on the outside and hung a cold towel to run in the sun.

(The way the passerby looks in the same way is afraid of seeing a "fool")

Only they do not know, I am very cool, hang cold feeling towel cool place, do not feel hot at all.

It's just like that

Dozens of degrees

Many people want to ask, how can there be a feeling of icy in simple steps?

The sports cold towel is made of foreign core technology and technology, and has a special structure of “moisture absorption, circulation, evaporation”. It is a functional fabric that can be recycled. Only water (irrespective of cold or hot water) can instantly Cold cooling, with long and continuous cold feeling, the cold towel can get the same ice sensation effect by touching the human skin sweat, physical cooling, no pollution, energy conservation, reusable.

New definition of traditional sportswear and sports towel

Compared with a generation, the second-generation cold-feel towel has an advantage

1. Cold feeling super comfortable

The second-generation cold-sensing cooling fabric is used to quickly lower body surface temperature, accelerate sweat discharge, and obtain super-ice-cool experience in hot summer days.

2. Breathable fabric breathes

The second generation of cold-sensing fabrics are lighter, more breathable, more absorbent and quick-drying than ordinary fabrics, and are designed for the summer and sports.

Whether you are riding, practicing yoga, climbing, fitness, open-air homework... you need a cold towel, and comfort will never disappoint you.

As a high-tech product, many people worry about whether they will harm the body

Tell everyone here that it will never endanger our physical health

We promise no chemical water absorbents, no carcinogenic aromatic amines

Featured natural materials, natural super absorbent, no skin damage additives, imported active dyeing technology and dyeing, to ensure no fading, while avoiding harmful carcinogens on the potential harm to human health.

We can rest assured that we can purchase

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