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The value of digital printing machine

The value of digital printing machine

Issue Time:2018/06/26

With the development of digital printing technology in China, the development of digital printing machines in recent years is increasingly advanced. In the past, everyone would go to buy printing machines abroad because it was technically more advanced than the domestic ones. However, with the development of domestic technology, domestic digital printing machines are already technically similar to foreign products.

The value of digital printing machine

Digital printing machines are expensive and their value is important.

First of all, the final value of the digital printing machine is green and pollution-free. The principle of the digital printing machine is to use computer control, and then directly through the machine to spray ink on the fabric, on-demand inkjet printing in the production process, that is, how much ink will be needed to print this pattern will be how much ink will be sprayed, will not Multi-spray, the waste generated is at most the remaining ink on the nozzle, which can more effectively improve the waste water and waste gas generated in the traditional printing production!

Secondly, the value of the digital printing machine is reflected in the single piece of printing, the process is simple, the digital printing machine does not require the print batch size and size, a single piece can be printed, do not need to make the screen in advance, so as to effectively reduce the digital printing proofing The time and cost. In this competitive market that beats seconds, rapid printing can quickly occupy the market.

The value of the digital printing machine lies in the high precision and good printing effect. Digital printing machine printing accuracy is much higher than the traditional printing, pattern rich and beautiful flowers, printing the effect of 3D three-dimensional, in the product is more popular with consumers, and, you can also be personalized custom pattern printing.

Finally, the primary value of digital printing machines is their high productivity and low cost. The digital printing machine is easy to operate, does not require as much manpower as the traditional printing, and the speed of digital printing is extremely fast, and it truly achieves the goal of high productivity and low cost production.

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