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The advantages of cotton digital printing

The advantages of cotton digital printing

Issue Time:2018/05/16

With such a long period of development, digital printing has become the mainstay of the printing industry. The development is quite good, and the proportion of the market is getting higher and higher. It is only a matter of time to replace the traditional printing. In fact, why digital printing can develop so well, in fact, this is similar to technology upgrades. Each replacement marks the progress of another technology. For example, digital printing is a major improvement over traditional printing technology. Green pollution is a breakthrough achievement.

The advantages of cotton digital printing

Pure cotton digital printing is a kind of technology that uses cotton digital printing machine to print cotton fabrics. It is a kind of high-tech integrating digital printing machine and computer. Its principle is to use digital printing machine to pass dyes through. The spray nozzles are sprayed directly onto the fabric to quickly form high-precision color patterns.

Compared with traditional printing, cotton digital printing has three advantages:

1. The design is flexible and changeable.

Designers only need to enter the pattern into the computer, you can carry out cotton digital printing processing, in the omnipotent computer can be flexibly designed a variety of patterns, the system can be long-term preservation and recycling.

2. Energy saving and no pollution.

Pure cotton digital printing does not require plate making, does not wash with water, and no sewage is produced during the production process. Green environmental protection conforms to the requirements of the government.

3 high precision, colorful.

Pure cotton digital printing uses four nozzles cotton digital printing machine equipped with L InK Korean sublimation ink can maximize the print pattern, the pattern is clearly visible, accurate color registration, easy to use, easy to use, high efficiency and pollution-free.

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