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Digital printing meets burn cause

Digital printing meets burn cause

Issue Time:2018/05/16

The digital printing machine is the most important equipment for printing technology, and in order to ensure the best printing effect, the nozzle is an extremely important part of it. As long as the digital printing machine nozzles keep working properly, the product can print the best results, and the better the nozzles, the better the ink's performance. The nozzle is an indispensable part in the production of digital printing machines. In fact, once the operation is mistaken, the nozzle is very easy to burn.

Digital printing meets burn cause

In fact, the digital printing machine nozzle may be burned most probably because the circuit is burned, and of course it may be due to high temperatures.

The reason for the digital printing machine nozzle being burned generally has these points:

1, high static electricity

Once the static electricity is too high, it is very likely to damage some of the printer's circuitry. Especially in the fall and winter season, people carry a lot of static electricity on the body. Once they directly touch the nozzle, they are particularly vulnerable to damage to the circuit part of the nozzle. Therefore, the printing machine must not only have a good and stable grounding, but the operator should contact the machine and the nozzle. Under the circumstances, anti-static measures such as anti-static watches must be worn to avoid burning the digital printer head.

2, the working voltage is too high

If the nozzle is operated with high load for a long time, it is particularly easy to cause rapid deterioration of the piezoelectric crystal, and in particular, the piezoelectric nozzle is more likely to accelerate aging. Prolonged high-load work also tends to reduce the life of the digital printing head. Proper release of pressure to the head delays the deterioration of the print head, prolongs its service life, and reduces costs.

3, the positive and negative poles of the power supply are reversed

Never allow this kind of error to occur. During the operation, try to perform according to the standard operation, especially the nozzle of the wide-format digital printing machine. If it is not necessary, please do not take the initiative to remove the connector. Once connected, it is very likely that the nozzle will be burned, even worse.

4, strong corrosive ink or other liquid on the nozzle board

If highly corrosive inks (especially solvent inks) or other liquids get stuck on the circuit board of the print head, it is very likely to cause a short circuit. Therefore, when we deal with the nozzle, we need to be careful, be sure not to touch the data line interface of the nozzle, to avoid the digital printing machine nozzle is burned.

Doing the right thing, using the right method, the damage to the print head is irreversible, so only damage does not occur.