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Digital printing machine fails

Digital printing machine fails

Issue Time:2018/05/15

Digital printing machines have always been valuable, and they are basically the most expensive items in digital printing factories. Ordinary use is also very careful. But even if you use it carefully, it is inevitable that the fault will occur during use. How can we solve these problems once they arise?

Digital printing machine fails

Its realization With the development of digital printing machines for so many years, the development of digital printing machines has become more humane, intelligent, and green. Basically, it only needs to be produced according to the process. So, in general, failure of the digital printing machine will only cause problems such as program errors, driver damage, and parts damage.

When the digital printing machine is not used properly, the first thing to look for is whether the generated output program is wrong or not. It can be tested by other programs. If the same cannot be printed, it is most likely a program error. Just reinstall it. It will allow digital printers to recover.

If it still cannot be used normally, it is very likely that there is a problem with the digital printing driver, and it is necessary to reinstall the appropriate driver version to complete the repair.

If the above methods still cannot be repaired, it may be that the nozzles, ink cartridges and other parts have failed. These precision parts require professional maintenance personnel to perform inspections and repairs.

The digital printing machine has become more and more mature, more and more intelligent, and it will rarely malfunction. As long as the normal use and regular maintenance, the failure will rarely occur. If there is a problem that cannot be solved by yourself, please call the after-sales service. service line.

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