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Digital Printing Industry Intelligent Production Coming Soon

Digital Printing Industry Intelligent Production Coming Soon

Issue Time:2018/05/09

Do not know when to start, many people say that "textile" feels cheap, low-end.

Although with the advent of digital printing, the emergence of private customization and the improvement of clarity have made us feel that this industry seems to be slowly high-end. Just looking at those traditionally old-fashioned devices that are not smart at all, you will find that the industry’s improvement seems to be going on for a long time. But now, many textile industry factories are quietly doing upgrades.

Cotton digital printing towel

Before looking at an entrepreneur, said: "Only product innovation, promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises in order to gain a firm foothold in the fierce market competition." Now many companies are willing to fund cooperation with technologically advanced enterprises, from the first step to Each step in the last step is strictly controlled and upgraded from the basic part, and not only the quality of the product is improved, but also the production model will be greatly changed. Intelligent production is already on the way.

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