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The Importance of Product Accuracy for Digital Printing

The Importance of Product Accuracy for Digital Printing

Issue Time:2018/05/04

The 21st century is truly an era of digital printing. With the advent of the digital printing era, compared with traditional printing, the printing efficiency has been greatly improved, and personalized printing has become the mainstream.

With the rapid development of China's economy, the development of the digital printing market is booming. New digital printing techniques have emerged in an endless stream, and the scope of application has become more and more extensive. Users have higher and higher requirements for printing machines.

The Importance of Product Accuracy for Digital Printing

In the present situation where digital printing has become more and more prosperous, the most critical factor in micro-piezoelectric printing technology is the printing accuracy (DPI) of piezoelectric digital printing machines. It has always been a place where end-users place more emphasis, and many domestically more well-known prints. Equipment manufacturers also take digital printing machine printing accuracy as a selling point for their strength.

The number of printable dots per inch on the DPI index printer is an important measure of the quality of print quality, and is a basic indicator of printer resolution. Previous printing machine era 700DPI has been considered appropriate, and now has entered the era of micro piezoelectric digital printing machine, micro piezoelectric digital printing machine printing accuracy is also increasing. The accuracy of many devices can reach 3200DPI, realizing high-precision printing.

With the higher and higher precision of digital printing products, people's quality requirements for finished products are getting higher and higher. High-precision printing equipment can withstand the close observation of finished products. The greatest significance of high-precision printing machines is The earth meets people's detailed requirements for beauty and brings a good visual impact.

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