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Several points to improve the quality of the company's digital printing products

Several points to improve the quality of the company's digital printing products

Issue Time:2018/05/03

The definition of digital printing has always been the goal we all pursue. When it comes to the accuracy of digital printing products, we always ask how much the resolution of printing is. It is only 1440dpi or 720dpi. In fact, this is only part of it, which also involves the resolution of the nozzle, mechanical precision (step accuracy, mechanical precision of the shaft roller), the matching degree of the ink and the nozzle, and so on.

Several points to improve the quality of the company's digital printing products

Mechanical accuracy

The impact on printing is actually much greater than the resolution of the nozzle, because the machining is still not high at the domestic level. The width of the general printing machine is 1600mm~2200mm. Take the example of a cotton cloth direct-injection belt printer as an example. The overall error of the shaft diameter, concentricity, and straightness is 0.003mm, that is, the mechanical error of printing one circumference is 0.01mm. During the printing process, the nozzles may have crossover on one side of the two ink-jet connections, but the other side has a white line of 0.3mm. This is unacceptable to any customers. Similarly, if the concentricity is There is a problem with straightness and the situation is similar.

The assembly accuracy is not enough. It is also the main reason that affects the accuracy of the printing machine. For example, the parallelism is not enough, resulting in fabric deviation, bearing quality, and wear inconsistent, which will also affect the problem of parallelism.

Head accuracy

At present, the nozzles on the market are piezoelectric nozzles, thermal foam nozzles, photo nozzles, and industrial nozzles. Among them, the most commonly used print heads are piezoelectric photo heads and industrial heads. Piezoelectric photo inkjet heads are based on EPSON's four-generation heads, five-generation heads and six-generation heads. Five generations of the head is the mainstream product, the highest resolution is 1440dpi, support 720dpi, 540dpi print mode. This is also the current most used print head.

Compared with EPSON nozzles, the industrial heads have high prices, but they have long service life and large ink droplets. However, from the textile printing point of view, because of the coarse fabric fibers, the resolution of 720dpi or more is difficult to distinguish from the visual effect.


Most people think that ink may affect color saturation, color fastness, and coloring, but in fact, ink also has a great influence on printing accuracy. What is more obvious is that if the ink has poor fluency and there are many mechanical impurities, there may be a broken line, a plugging phenomenon, and a small white line appears in the printed species, thus affecting the printing accuracy. If the viscosity of the ink, surface tension and other parameters have problems, it may cause oblique spray. Then there is the preservation stability of the ink, the unity between the batch product and the next batch of products. They are the main cause of quality problems.

From the above points we can see that to get a good print quality, get a good printing accuracy, can not just focus on the resolution of the nozzle, the mechanical accuracy, the quality of the matching ink is also very important.

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