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It is now beginning to use digital printing.

It is now beginning to use digital printing.

Issue Time:2018/04/26

With the emergence of digital printing technology, more and more industries are in the introduction of digital printing technology, fast fashion has become the target of the factories and small batch production is to meet the needs of many businesses.

What about digital printing now?

1. Apparel

As a fashion designer, mastering the clothing design process is essential, now, costume designer in the process of fashion design, they can grasp only the design of the clothing style of digital printing, the pictures of clothing fabric design is usually a passively to select market ready-made pictures of fabric, it's often difficult to find the picture of the personality and fully comply with its design idea of cloth.And digital printing solves this problem perfectly.

It is now beginning to use digital printing.

2. Personalized crafts.

The advantage of digital printing made in all kinds of textile fabric can print all kinds of high precision drawing, so on textiles printing your photos, good calligraphy and painting, etc all can reach the level of the collection level.This enlarges the scope of textile printing products, and raises the level of goods.

3. Personalized interior decoration and household textiles.

The development of digital printing skills makes the production of textiles finished directly to their consumer market opportunities, designers can together in the supply of house decoration design for the customer to decorate with textile design, through the digital printing skills, complete the real ”, “ personalized household taken “ one-to-one ” need to production.

4. Production of other special textiles.

The characteristics of digital printing skills make it possible to build a tree in some special areas, usually with small batch, high requirements, and customized production.

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