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Why towel should choose digital printing

Why towel should choose digital printing

April 18,2018

A person can run quickly and a group of people can go further."

Digital printing, as the latest printing technology, not only displays delicate printing perfectly, but also has the advantages of environmental protection and private customization. In contrast, the traditional high-consumption, high-pollution, high-emission, and low-value-added business model has caused the market share to shrink gradually.

With the rapid development of the digital printing technology market, many investors have entered the field of digital printing. According to experts' predictions, the next few years will be the golden era of digital printing in China, and 50% of the traditional printing market will be Digital printing annexation.

Why towel should choose digital printing

Digital printing technology changes the production mode and business model of the textile industry, which will be a tremendous change. In fact, the popularity of digital printing technology completely exceeded expectations.

The reason is very simple. The digital printing technology has greatly improved the quality of printing and the speed of proofing has increased so much. The earliest batch of digital printing has also received a lot of rewards. Enterprises that have gradually introduced digital printing technology are getting more and more. More often than not, a situation has arisen in which “who does not introduce digital printing will be out.”

Compared with developed countries, the development of digital printing technology in China is still relatively backward. From 2000 onwards, digital inkjet printing in the world will almost double every two years. Now digital printing is not just in the textile industry, including Various fields such as design, clothing, car decoration, advertising, customization, and ceramic tiles are also full of digital printing.

Why towel should choose digital printing

Digital printing as a hot hand print technology will surely become one of the greatest technologies in the history of the textile industry.

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