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What is the difference between traditional printing and digital printing?

What is the difference between traditional printing and digital printing?

Issue Time:2018/04/18

As a sunrise industry, digital printing has a strong momentum. However, knowledgeable people all know that digital printing technology is actually born in the cracks.

With the development of the times, people are constantly pursuing the suit color, and traditional printing can no longer meet people's needs. Digital printing technology has emerged as the times require.

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Compared with traditional printing, traditional printing requires not only a larger production site, more staff, but also the number of printing requirements. In particular, proofing takes too long, and the emergence of digital printing technology not only makes up for the shortcomings of traditional printing in all aspects, but also has a great improvement in color, clarity, and other aspects in terms of color.

Digital printing as a sunrise industry, although the momentum is very strong, but knowledgeable know that digital printing is actually born in the cracks.

Although digital printing is developing rapidly, it cannot replace traditional printing in a short period of time. Therefore, digital printing must face challenges from traditional printing. Some fabrics such as cotton, linen, and silk are still produced using traditional prints.

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Someone said before: "The digital printing hasn't developed yet. How can we feel that we have insufficient stamina?"

Now that the low-price competition is extremely fierce, the trend of “you are low and I am low, and he is lower than me” is getting worse. If this becomes a normal state for digital printing prices in the future, the digital printing industry in China will have a hard time in the global digital printing industry.

The future is still far away, and the future is not far away. As a sunrise industry, as a technology-led industry, the future is limitless. The key lies in this industry change. Have you caught it?

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