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Digital printing requirements for nozzles

Digital printing requirements for nozzles

Issue Time:2018/08/02

The speed of development of digital printing in the recent few years has skyrocketed. In fact, digital printing has a history of more than 20 years in China. It was only because of the imperfection of digital printing technology, and the prices of equipment and accessories are relatively high, so it has not been widely promoted in China.

Digital printing requirements for nozzles

In recent years, with the improvement of digital printing technology, digital printing has also been greatly developed in China, and the growth rate of market share has already put pressure on traditional printing.

Digital printing nozzles are an important accessory throughout the printing process. What is the requirement for the digital printing on the nozzle?

The first is that the durability and life of the nozzle should be long enough, because the price of the nozzle is relatively high, so the cost will be relatively high. If the life of the nozzle is long, a lot of cost can be saved.

Secondly, the printing speed of digital printing is relatively fast, so the digital printing nozzle must be able to print evenly and stably in high-speed printing, which also ensures the quality of the product.

The final nozzle must be able to meet the various needs of different markets. In different fabrics and places of use, the ability to complete can be completed.

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