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Frequently asked questions about the color fastness of textiles

Frequently asked questions about the color fastness of textiles

Issue Time:2018/07/21

Color fastness refers to the degree of fading of a dyed or printed fabric under the influence of external factors during use or processing.

Frequently asked questions about the color fastness of textiles

Color fastness is an inevitable indicator of the customer. If the color fastness is tested, it will be of great help to leave the customer.

In our daily sampling, the most common problems are as follows.

1. Unsatisfactory color fastness to rubbing: In the process of using textiles, the degree of discoloration is different because different parts of the product are subjected to different degrees of friction.

2. The color fastness to washing is not acceptable: the products of high-grade fabrics are the most prone to such problems.

3. Insufficient color fastness to sun exposure: In the process of using the textile, the color will become lighter or fade when exposed to the sun.

4. Color fastness to perspiration is not acceptable: In summer or during exercise, it is generally easy to sweat, so that textiles can easily fade when exposed to perspiration.

In fact, there are many reasons for affecting the color fastness of products. In terms of internal factors, it is to keep the various processes in place during the production process, and to ensure that the products have excellent color fastness indicators. External factors must be in accordance with the requirements of production, pay attention to the washing temperature, washing methods, detergent use.

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