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Digital printing needs to be protected in a humid environment

Digital printing needs to be protected in a humid environment

Issue Time:2018/07/18

Digital printing machines have always been an expensive equipment for digital printing factories, and must be scientifically maintained and maintained. I have written about the maintenance measures in the summer. Today we are talking about how to protect the digital printing machine in a humid environment.

Digital printing needs to be protected in a humid environment

Digital printing machine in the humid environment, the internal board components are extremely susceptible to moisture and corrosion, and even cause short circuit, resulting in the burning of the board nozzle.

First, the production workshop must close the doors and windows and other vents when leaving work at night, so as to avoid the morning mist, morning frost and other moisture into the workshop.

Second, use a dust cloth to cover the digital printing machine, the purpose is very simple, the dust cloth can not only protect against moisture, but also prevent the humid air and dust from entering the digital printing machine and causing short circuit of related circuit boards and components. .

Third, the relevant printing media supplies must be stored in a dry environment, because the printing medium is easy to absorb moisture and damp, the wet medium is likely to cause the ink to spread and so on. Therefore, the material is put back into the original packaging when it is not used, and try not to touch the ground and the wall.

Fourth, in the working environment of the digital printing processing workshop equipped with a suction fan, the installation of air conditioning to start the dehumidification mode can also be, but the effect is not very good; if the humidity is more serious, it is recommended to install a dehumidifier.

The digital printing machine is a kind of printing equipment that is afraid of moisture, so be sure to do a good job of protecting it in humid air.

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