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Digital printing: cost and quality

Digital printing: cost and quality

Issue Time:2018/07/17

In the process of digital printing, the cost problem is a problem everyone cares about, and the quality cost is not too low.


The cost of digital printing is mainly in these aspects: the cost of research and development of the first nozzle is too high; the second is to reduce the cost and require large-scale production; and the third is to upgrade the equipment through the R&D technology to produce equipment that can be flexibly assembled. decline. In terms of equipment cost, not only the cost of the nozzle, but also the cost of ink still accounts for a large part. It is only when the cost of digital printing is reduced, as long as there is a problem in one link, the product produced is not so "good".

Of course, from the perspective of consumers, the most concerned about the quality and use of products, but from the perspective of the entire industry chain, product differentiation is fundamental. How to increase added value? The first step is to solve the differentiated product. With differentiation, products have a market. To achieve the greatest degree of differentiation, we can be maximized.

Quality must be guaranteed, and the cost will naturally decrease slowly during development.

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