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Quality control should be done when printing

Quality control should be done when printing

Issue Time:2018/07/13

Many companies now look for cooperative factories on their own, but the quality of the printing process is something that we all must pay attention to when processing.


In what process do we pay attention to the quality of processing in the process of printing?

First of all, we must pay attention to the effect of the entire printing process. For example, if some colors are more complicated, the lines are fine, and the graphics are changing, then you must look for a digital printing factory to process.

When digital printing is processed, it is necessary to check the quality. Now everyone should be able to see that the printing effect will be offset due to a little wrinkle in the printing process, which will lead to the shipment rate of the product. Greatly increased. Therefore, in order to obtain a high shipping rate, we must control it in terms of quality.

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