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Method of enhancing color fastness

Method of enhancing color fastness

Issue Time:2018/07/12

When digital printing just appeared, the things printed by digital printing actually have restrictions on fabrics. Even now, many people still say that cotton can also print digital printing.

At that time, because the technology was not perfect, the products printed by digital printing were not good in color fastness. After washing, it was very easy to fade. After a period of development, digital printing has slowly matured. The road is just printed on some fabrics, and the color fastness is still not perfect.


How to enhance the color fastness of the product?

First, the dye is selected according to the characteristics of the fiber.

The combination of different kinds of dyes and fibers is different, and the bond strength between them is not the same, so the choice of dyes is crucial for the color fastness of garment printing machines.

Second, select the dye according to the color depth.

Try to use a dye with a color close to the desired color, look at the color fastness index of the selected dye itself, and finally, see if the saturation of the dye dye reaches the desired color depth.

Third, the dye uptake rate of the fiber.

When choosing a dye, consider the dye rate. Otherwise, there will be competition between the dyes, that is, one of the dyes will occupy the dyeing position of the fiber in advance, so that other dyes can only be dyed on the surface of the fiber, and cannot be evenly distributed. The fibers form a strong bond that is first destroyed in subsequent processes or daily use. We can enhance the color fastness of the garment printing machine by the use of adjuvants.

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