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Digital Printing Capabilities for the Textile Industry

Digital Printing Capabilities for the Textile Industry

Issue Time:2018/07/02

Digital printing technology is now used in all aspects of the industry, from blankets, tiles, clothing, wallpaper, towels ... can use digital printing technology.

What capabilities do digital printing need in our textile industry?

Compared with traditional technology.

Digital Printing Capabilities for the Textile Industry

1.pattern design and modification

Since the digitally stored patterns or images can be directly printed on the fabric, the expressiveness of the pattern design style, the richness of the color change, the unlimited size, and the quickness of the proofing reaction speed are all advantages that cannot be replaced by other printings. .

2. Continuous and stable production delivery capability

Facing the market's personalized, small-batch, multi-category, multi-color, and fast delivery orders, we need to have a certain production scale and sustained rapid and stable production delivery capabilities. This requires a higher demand for the company's service capabilities. Especially for branded products and fashion products, proofing development time is fast, frequency is high, seasonality is strong, and rapid response can capture more market share.

3. rapid digestion and new technology capabilities

Digital printing technology is still a new technology in development, and the upgrading of equipment and process materials is fast. The industrial digital equipment in the early stage was heavily invested, and the depreciation period of equipment was very short. The production enterprises only had to quickly absorb and absorb new technologies, improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and quickly recover the initial input costs. Enterprises can continue to update equipment, expand scale, and continue. development of.

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