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Digital printing towels are really popular everywhere

Digital printing towels are really popular everywhere

Issue Time:2018/06/30

Digital printing technology is now the leader in the entire printing industry. Compared with traditional printing, the advantages of digital printing are very obvious. Whether it is the speed of printing or the clarity of printing, whether it can adapt to small batch production or can save production costs. All reflect the advantages of digital printing.

Digital printing towels are really popular everywhere

We are not lazy people's home textiles in Jiangsu has always been the digital printing as our core technology, digital printing towels have always been our core product. Our company is now a digital printing machine from Hope High Tech. We will soon introduce an all-imported Austrian zimmer printing machine. By then, our annual output value will directly exceed the annual output value of the entire industry. Therefore, there is a direct shipment of large quantities of goods, and our output value can be assured. We can deliver more goods on time.

Every year, we will participate in many exhibitions, including Shanghai Exhibition, Shenzhen Exhibition, Japan Exhibition, and Dubai Exhibition. This year we have participated in the farthest Three Kingdoms Exhibition: Turkey - Poland - Mexico. When we participated in the exhibition, our digital printing products always attracted customers. In addition, we also made the industry's first double-sided positioning printing. Once it was launched, it was always eye-catching.

Next week, our company will participate in the 13th Tokyo International Gift & Grocery Show in July 3rd - July 6th. You will also be welcome to watch our 4K cotton digital print on the spot.
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