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The digital printing of Gucci's home was played by a group of people as art

The digital printing of Gucci's home was played by a group of people as art

Issue Time:2018/06/23

Since Alssandro Michel served as the new creative director of Gucci in 2015, Gucci under his leadership, whether it is online activities or offline advertising, as long as everything from Michele's hands, let everyone talk about it. The

The digital printing of Gucci's home was played by a group of people as art

Before Gucci invited the world's artists and ps masters to play their own imagination, for the new season's printing shows a romantic visual fantasy.

With the rise of printing, the printed design of the product has also had a new mood, Gucci in 2016 will be Gucci classic print design to the extreme.


In the 2017 T-Taiwan show, the flowers bloom, colorful. The old-style printing reveals the future and looks back at the past to create the future. Bold colors and eye-catching prints with contrasting patterns create the strongest visual effects, highlighting young and classic charm.

The old-style printing reveals the imagination of the future and creates a new future in the past.

Bold colors and contrasting patterns awaken bright prints, creating the strongest visual effects.

While highlighting the young, it still contains classic charm.

As a variety of garden flowers began to appear, the flowing dresses used to decorate the full-length prints were full of vintage scent. Gucci's show floor made us feel like being in the nightclubs of the seventies. The latest series is the visual presentation of the 20th century mass culture, and it is also a reproduction of the legacy of Renaissance.


These are all sources of momentum in recent years - digital printing.

It may be a coincidence that the designers of the big names all have their print series. From Chanel to Coach, from Dolce & Gabbana to McQueen, both are based on digital printing technology support.


The four major printing trends in this season are:

Close to nature, highlighting the style of wild and natural flowers

Earth texture, such common patterns include snow mountains, rivers, etc.

Nature is fun, flowers, worms and birds are the main expressions

Geometric lines

The common characteristics of these four major trends are the transition from freehand brushwork to realistic painting, with more realistic patterns and enhanced details.

And these, traditional printing can not be done.

Just like we are not lazy people spinning.

We have always been adhering to a goal that is to do digital printing.

In fact, starting from scratch is a very difficult thing.

Unless, it is for a caring person or thing.

But as long as we are determined to start from scratch, even if the world is against it, we will stick to it. The

It is because of the person or thing we care about. It is worthwhile for us to start from scratch, no matter how hard it is.

It is because of this concern that we have come to this day.

We enjoy the luxury of private customization here, but not the price of luxury goods.

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