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Textile printing product cutting

Textile printing product cutting

Issue Time:2018/06/08

To do textiles, then a large volume of cloth, the end of the print must be cut to be able to carry out the next operation.

Today's brief introduction to the cutting method?

Textile printing product cutting

The most common and important process in the processing of textiles is the cutting. There is no significant difference between cutting textile printing products and cutting paper. Cutting can be done by hand, cutting knife or cutting table.

The most basic cutting tool is the scissors, which can only cut one or more layers of textile media at a time. It is not suitable for cutting fine patterns. Mainly used for cutting and cutting other fast, smooth curve graphs.

In addition, textile cutting tools also include:

Knife: The use of a flexible ring blade is a form of cutting where the blade is stationary and the fabric moves.

Die-cutter: Use a metal mold to cut the fabric into a specific shape, such as die cutting used in commercial printing; it can cut one or more layers of material.

Straight edge: The straight reciprocating blade's knife is mainly used for high-speed cutting multilayer fabrics, and can also cut sharp corners and details.

Large cutting table: can cut other types of wide format and professional graphics, but also for textiles.