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Causes and Maintenance of Digital Printing Machine Sprinklers

Causes and Maintenance of Digital Printing Machine Sprinklers

Issue Time:2018/06/01

Now the printing industry, a little bit of high-end, you are embarrassed to go out if you are not on the digital printing. As the most popular printing technology, the maintenance of machines and accessories is still very important.

Causes and Maintenance of Digital Printing Machine Sprinklers

As the core accessories of the nozzle, expensive, directly related to the quality of the entire print, but some improper operation, the impact of external factors will have a great impact on the nozzle.

What causes the nozzle to clog?

1. Use expired ink or inferior ink products. Generally we recommend that UV ink be used up within three months. Because UV inks are chemicals, chemical changes such as flocculation are likely to occur during prolonged storage;

2. Frequently change the ink. Different inks have different viscosity and composition. When the viscosity of the ink is too high, the ink fluidity will deteriorate and cause different degrees of clogging.

3. The use of ambient temperature and humidity in the machine is known as the external factor that causes the nozzle to clog. High or low temperature and humidity will affect the normal inkjet nozzle, although not a real sense of the nozzle blockage, but it is also an external factor affecting the nozzle work.

4. The nozzle was not cleaned in time. After the ink of the spray head accumulates to a certain degree, it will condense on the outside to block the spray hole. This is one of the most common jam patterns.

Doing maintenance is not only responsible for the product, but also responsible for the development of the company. The printing machine is related to the lifeblood of a company's products.