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Digital printing machine selection method

Digital printing machine selection method

Issue Time:2018/05/21

The digital printing industry is so popular that the choice of digital printing machines has always been a top priority.

Digital printing machine selection method

1. According to process selection

Digital printing mainly includes thermal transfer printing, direct printing, and digital printing. The cost of thermal transfer printing is relatively small. It does not require pretreatment and post-processing. It is mainly processed on chemical fiber fabrics, and there are not many suitable fabrics. The advantage of direct-injection digital printing over thermal transfer is that the fabrics are very versatile. Cotton, hemp, nylon, polyester, and other fabrics can be processed.

2. According to fabric selection

If your company is doing silk, chiffon and other high-quality, high-value fabric processing, then choose a high-precision, stable digital printing machine. Second, from the perspective of the field, in the vicinity of the consumer demand is what kind of quality, choose a digital printing machine that meets consumer requirements.

3. According to import and export choice

Although the imported digital printing machine is superior to the domestic digital printing machine in certain circumstances, its high price makes the bosses deterred. With the continuous improvement of domestic technology and technology, the quality of domestic digital printing machines is also constantly mentioned.

4 according to service selection

The strength of the manufacturer determines the size of the factory team, and the size of the manufacturer team determines the quality of the after-sales service of the manufacturer. Therefore, the purchase of digital printing machines try to choose powerful digital printing machine manufacturers, only the equipment and after-sales companies are the most secure protection of the boss, quality clearance equipment to the boss's most comfortable pre-sale service, timely service team to The boss's most secure protection.

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