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Digital printing advantages

Digital printing advantages

Issue Time:2018/05/19

Digital printing advantages

In textile printing, although the digital printing process still has many difficult results compared with the traditional printing process, it is undeniable that the digital printing process is changing the production method of the printing products with its unique technical advantages. Increasingly used in products.

The advantages of digital printing technology are specifically reflected in the following points:

1. Colorful, clear patterns, high printing accuracy.

2. Short period, fast response, no need of plate making, flexible batch, no limitation of pattern, and the image can be arbitrarily modified, no matter the proofing, small batch, mass production, the delivery speed is fast.

3. Environmental pollution-free, low energy consumption, low pollution, low noise, no waste water generated during the entire printing process, low noise, is a true pollution-free production technology.

4. Suitable for personalized customization, digital inkjet printing area is small, can be printed in the office and home, you can achieve personalized digital printing through the Internet.

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