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Digital print towels are bound to lose the price war.

Digital print towels are bound to lose the price war.

Issue Time:2018/04/20

In recent years, digital printing has ushered in its golden age, and all kinds of digital printing factories have appeared in succession, hoping to get a piece of the digital printing industry.However, due to the increasing domestic environmental pressure, raw materials are rising, labor costs are rising everywhere, overcapacity is serious, and many printing and dyeing printing factories are living on low profit margins.

In addition to the external competition, the inherent vicious competition is also eating the development prospect of the industry.

Some factories, in order to have a business to do, are willing to compete with "baoben" attitude, and have started the price station.

"People do it at a low price!"What is more frightening than failing companies is "low price competition".

In the digital printing industry, of course, want to consider the price factor, but the key question is in the customer can't identify the quality of product, the seller without the bottom line of business, eventually disrupted the market.

Full digital printed towel.

Starve counterparts

In the same area, the quantity demanded is limited.But if there are some digital printing plants that use low prices to fix those customers, the remaining companies will have no chance of making a profit, or even close their orders directly.

Dead tired oneself

It is normal for digital printing factory profits to be around 20%.

In fact, some digital printing factories have to pay 5%, or 2%, or less, to take orders.

It's just the lowest, no lower, the bottom line is gone.

In addition, the printing factory eliminates labor cost, equipment depreciation, slurry aid fee, nozzle ink water fee, management fee, material fee, processing fee, logistics fee, etc., the profit is very low.

However, if you want to guarantee the profit, you must be cutting corners on raw materials and workmanship.

Pit dead customers

When choosing a cooperative factory, the customer will pay a heavy price.

The company that encountered low price, the customer thought oneself take a big cheap, but do not know the most should cry oneself.

After receiving the product, there are many problems: unqualified processing products, poor service attitude, wrong color and so on.

The cost of raw materials is rising, and the cost is high in all aspects. What kind of high-quality products can be bought at such a low price?

Full digital printed towel.

No matter which industry, the veteran asks the quality, the novice price, the professional is now more and more expensive, if you ask the price is very cheap, not you pick up the cheap, but is novice practice.

Price war is not the only way out.

Quality is king.

It is better to explain the price for a while, and not to apologize to the customer for quality problems.

I also hope that every customer can shine their eyes.

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