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What is the standard of a good towel?

What is the standard of a good towel?

Update Time:2018-05-16

The first good towel must be made of cotton. The cotton guarantees the durable quality of the towel and a good experience. The weight of the material directly determines the thickness of the towel. It is very important to choose a towel that fits the weight of your needs.


Towels are items that come into direct contact with the skin. Softness is a necessity. High-quality towels have a soft touch and are a fluffy and elastic touch.

Chinese people are accustomed to wringing towels and then wringing and rubbing, and are used to scrubbing in water. Therefore, poor towel absorbency will shorten the service life of towels; foreigners are accustomed to using towels to absorb water and wipe dry, emphasizing water absorption. Different habits are related to water absorption.